Just Released: First Comprehensive Review of Representations & Warranties Insurance

Vanbridge LLC announced the release of the first US Representations and Warranties Insurance Market Report today, which provides a comprehensive review of the overall 2016 market for this product.  The scope of the report focuses on the submission and placement process in the US market, analyzing the size of the marketplace, pricing and trends.

The vast majority of markets that wrote business in 2016, including the largest players in the space, provided their data for the report. Based on estimates, this captured roughly 85% of all transaction data.  As part of the data collection process, Vanbridge engaged an independent, non-insurance third party data management firm, Excel Rain Man, to receive and assist in sorting and analyzing each participating carrier’s information on a confidential basis.

The report includes insight on several areas:

  • Submission Volume and Deals Bound
  • Primary & Excess Limits, Retentions and Pricing
  • Market Trends and Perceptions

As increasing numbers of brokers come into the space, we felt that a single broker’s perspective, no matter how large, was no longer representative of the market. We believe annual reviews of the overall marketplace will benefit carriers, clients and M&A practitioners alike. Vanbridge anticipates publishing annual reviews and to expand the scope to capture international placements as well.

For a complete copy of Vanbridge’s US Reps and Warranties Insurance 2016 Market Report, click here.